About BLCN Clients

Client Demographics

  • Profit, non-profit and government clients
  • Revenue range from $30M to $80B
  • Single, multi-site, global
  • Recent acquisition or divestiture
  • Quotes from Our Clients:

    "I have never seen value identified, or realized, this quickly."

    "BLCN got the cross functional teams to be engaged, committed and take ownership."

    "The approach is so simple, but yet so powerful."

    "We had been wrestling with this process for over a year.  We got too deep and went nowhere.  BLCN was able to get us on target and obtain benefits within three weeks!"

    "We shaved 40% off of our cycle time in two weeks."

    "We used the training as a base for all our staff and used BLCN to help mentor our less experienced teams…getting a common methodology and knowledge transfer."


    Please contact us by email, online or by phone at +1.303.579.4208