BLCN adjusts the approach to best fit your specific needs

Transformation Efforts:

For multi-location or business unit transformations. Fully integrated process redesign. Includes organizational change, training and transition planning.

Integrated Lean Process Consulting:

Perform end-to-end process analysis / design and transition planning for specific business needs or processes.

Process Checkups:

Quickly refresh the redesigned process after one year.

Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring:

Provide executive coaching and staff mentoring regarding transformation and improvement efforts.

For more information, click on the following White Papers:

  • BLCN Integrated Lean Consulting Overview
  • BLCN Integrated Lean for Government
  • BLCN has over 45 process accelerators

    Improve Processes

    Integrated Lean Process Incorporates:

  • Strategic needs
  • Lean concepts
  • Issue resolution
  • Customer needs
  • Job / Metric impacts
  • Business requirements
  • Organizational change
  • Customer Quotes:

    "I have never seen process work be performed so quickly and yet so complete."

    "We shaved 40% off of our cycle time in two weeks."

    "I have never seen value identified, or realized, this quickly."


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