The BLCN Organizational Change Program is made of the following components, which can be used individually or in total

Organizational Change

Executive Alignment:

Interview and assess leadership’s project perceptions in 18-20 areas, identify risks and provide corrective action plans. Leverage key communication themes supporting the effort and desired expectations for design.

Organizational Readiness Assessments:

Perform surveys / focus groups with the organization to assess implementation history, job impact, organization value, sponsorship of the effort and develop corrective actions.

Communication Planning:

Using a 4 phase framework, define the plan to deliver the right message at the right time using the most effective method.

Job Impact Analysis:

Develop a gap analysis for job impacts based on current and future process design points. Perform a role based training assessment and plan.

Transition Management:

Work with the project team for a complete transition and implementation plan based on people, process and technology needs

Customer Quote

"The Executive Alignment session identified why were not getting any traction, and made the adjustments necessary to get us moving forward."


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