Integrated Lean for ERP approach

Executive Alignment

Align leadership goals, values, expectations, ownership and sense of urgency via interviews and a facilitated feedback session.

As-Is Process and Issue / Root Cause

Quickly perform the As Is process work using BLCN process accelerators where applicable. Identify the issues, root causes, future design requirements and provide a readout summary to the leaders and core team.

To-Be Process

Develop a conceptual To Be process design based on the Integrated Lean Methodology. Align the process to the technology with the systems team and finalize the process with the core and extended business team members.

Transition Planning

Perform gap analysis and associated actions

End User Training

Develop a process based end user training plan and content, update policies, procedures, and work instructions while identifying job role changes.

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  • BLCN Integrated Lean for ERP Ė And All Other Systems

  • Increase the acceptance and success of your system deployments

    Donít Automate Bad Process!

    Software Integrator Quotes:

    "We reduced our configuration time by 40% and training time by 10%."

    "I thought we did process work, but after working with BLCN, we really didnít do a good job at it."

    "This was great for multi-location and multi-country designs"


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